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Banks going digital, why are central banks getting into cryptocurrencies?

The central banks worldwide have been concerned for some time about the rising market trends towards cryptocurrencies. Among other institutions, the Bank of England and the Swedish Riksbank have published papers and have declared an interest in the emerging crypto industry. The resilient nature of Bitcoin continues to astound governments […]

Banking the unbanked through Crypto Banks

In the financial world individuals who lack access to banking or financial services are often described as “unbanked”. A vast majority of unbanked individuals use cash, and many do not have any retirement and savings accounts, insurance, pensions, and other safety nets. Globally, only 69% of adults, or close to […]

Why crypto is the future of banking

Cryptocurrencies are gaining massive popularity, and no one can deny that. Between 2018 and the last quarter of 2020, the number of cryptocurrency users increased by 66 million. Both the private and public sectors are eagerly embracing cryptocurrencies as a means for payments, storing value, and investing. Decades ago, when…

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