The stakes are open to anybody anywhere

The way the world today is going is rattling every stratum of life and living. Income generation as known before has sharply declined owing to the closure of businesses and economies whose conventions do not match the needs of the times. Retrenched populations and poverty-stricken communities are drastically finding ways to survive the pandemia by going online en masse for whatever sources of revenue there are. Fortunately, the opportunities that are being discovered are so much like an open season especially for those without formal education and those unqualified according to banking requirement standards.

The Digital Bounty Hunter

The bounty of the Old Wild West compared to the bounty offered by the New Digital West are not that far apart in terms of definition. While the sheriffs and village chiefs offer a bounty for the locals to hunt down fugitives, crypto businesses, companies, and start-ups offer fiat and tokens to the crypto community for any able-minded to perform diverse tasks. Services asked can be as simple as tweeting and retweeting on social media platforms, or a little more complex like content creation via article writing, vlogging, video ad production, client interviews, meet-up scheduling, designing, and many other company requirements. In other words, people are willing to perform tasks as long as they are incentivized. This is what the new normal has boosted in the way people work and earn and how companies employ. It created the Digital Bounty Hunter.

A Bountiful of Benefits

In reality, companies can actually do the bounties themselves but since they are up to other commitments needed to develop and nurture their business, they opt to avail the services of online communities who bring intangible benefits to the company. Tasks can include posting on Facebook, tracing a bug, blogging, or vlogging, and research. Incentives for doing such tasks can earn the hunter a handsome fiat, token, or both.

The decentralizing power of blockchain technology ushered in a revolution free from meddling third-parties. It brought about a relentless freedom of expression around the crypto circles and the endless exchange of wealth of ideas is pure gold to companies who will tap the services of these bounty hunters. As they are everywhere, so are their ideas and creativity that go with them.

Bounty hunters who have been long in the hunt can be as celebrated as their Old West counterparts that they can dictate their price. It is because of their expanse knowledge, expertise, reputation, and a large network of followers built and established through time. These are valuable assets that crypto companies cannot do without if they hope to grow exponentially. These online influencers can be negotiated upon individually for a win-win situation.

Companies who are seeking the services of bounty hunters must be open enough to allow these influencers to do their thing. The reason why they are celebrities online is because of the unique ways they handle their work. Their personalities brought about engagements, postings, and shares enough to produce influential and genuine consensus. This is valuable especially for ICOs who need to attract genuine people who clamor for honesty in community engagements.

ICO start-ups can incentivize bounties with a percentage of their tokens to generate awareness and impact. This kind of community marketing can popularize the tokens towards success.


Bounties started off with ICOs offering incentives to those involved in the process, from investors to developers to marketers. It may come as fiat, or free tokens which can be held or exchanged for fiat once the token gets listed. Now, bounties have gone a long way beyond ICOs. Bounties can actually be anything that a service can be incentivized or tokenized. Beyond code, it can cover the arts, the academe, or environmental concerns that can trigger the community into action, paying people who directly do the tasks on community-related issues.

Bounties can develop their marketing strategies by niching through community engagement and dialogue. Companies can grow much faster than promoting themselves outside without identified users. Incentivizing users who give their time to engage in meaningful dialogue is a good way of extracting authentic feedback which is extremely helpful to a company’s continued existence.

Bounties can also help companies outsource top-caliber talents from anywhere in the world.